Role access rights based on hierarchy of employees

How can i set role access for a territorial manager and his regional subordinates going down to the sales executive in Leads management ?

Each sales person can be assigned a sales territory. I want view access for user based on his level in the sales team hierarchy . Can we do this ?

Sorry as this feature is not available for now.

Since Sales Person is a tree structured master, you can define manage (as a group) and subordinates under that manager.

But,even then how to hierarchically apply role permissions based on sales person territory?

How to customize it ?

You should define User Permission for the User based for specific Territories. The tree structure master of territory won’t matter here. You can define the specific territories permitted for the User.

Is it possible to restrict access for Supervisor1 & 2 to their Sale Persons sales only and Manager to see his subordinates sales only ?

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In the User Permission of Supervisor 1, mention:

Sales Person = Sale 1
Sales Person = Sale 2

In the User Permission of Supervisor 2, mention:

Sales Person = Sale 3
Sales Person = Sale 4

Any update on this issue

did you get any solution for this??