Role Based custom Workspace for Client

I’m on ERPNext 15 deployed locally on my own server.

My goal is to make custom workspaces (or similar) only for specific user roles.

I’ve made a recording to explain the issue further:

Is it even possible to make a workspace only for specific users or user roles? Or is there any other approaches to achieve the same result?

I see that I’m able to assign roles to the Home workspace for example, is this the way to do it instead?

I’m new to ERPNext and just want to understand the logic of the ERP and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve what I want for myself so that I can offer this to my clients as well.

Thanks for your time :pray:

I think making the Workspace “public” can solve the issue. Maybe making it public, then allocating it only to specific user roles. I’ll update you guys on the progress