Role based Desk workspace assign

Is it possible to set desk workspace based on user role?

Like if I set the same customize workspace for employee role. older v12 max version available this feature user or role-based desk.

Noman Haider


Yes, this fix is on its way. Once it is merged, you can view the modules as per user’s role. For now, go to the User’s profile and under “Allow Modules” select the modules which the user should have access to.

Hope this helps.

No I mean, after customizing module workspace I liked to assign same customize workspace automatically shown to assign role.

Hope you got my point.

Hi, how can you give to another admin role the permission to view a user profile and role profile?
Since this access is only on the system manager, we created a new Role (Admin) to only manage and monitor the Role Profile and List of Users but they will not have the permission to create new.

Done giving the permission using the Role Permission Manager. However, the table “Has Role” is not visible. Permission level 1 was also given to the custom role.

See image 1 for the permission of the system manager and image 2 for the custom Role (Admin).

Image 1

Image 2

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Hi, anyone has the clue how to give permission to view “Has Role” table? to another role?

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Same problem here.

It seems this feature is broken in the latest developers branch. No module is visible anymore in the user’s profile. Is that a bug or a feature?

Any progress on this? I think role-based workspace customization would be very handy (and doesn’t seem to be too complicated?!). We can’t expect every employee to customize their own workspaces but it would be very helpful if this could be done centrally for the employees (how might be too non-technical to do this) via roles.
We are currently hosting our instance via frappe-cloud, so changing the source code is not straight-forward. It seems like the basic functionality is technically already available in the workspace doctype. However, it is not possible to customize the system workspaces as admin or system manager user.
Any advice how to fix this via the ERPnext frontend without the need to change the source code?