Role Based Module Access

Hi All,

Now I am facing issue for Module availability for Employee role.

  1. I want Only Human Resource Module to be visible for employee role, now below is the configuration of permission.

In user I have setup only Employee role.

In the module access I have selected following modules.

Now when I go on employees dash board I can see below

When I click on Human Resource I can see the below page

As you can see, this page shows me the other modules also which I have not selected e.g. Accounts, Website, Manufacturing etc,

When I click on accounts Module I can see the below page.

Well I can not access the Accounts Receivable, Sales Register etc. on this page because of permission, but the question is why I am able to see this page when I have not selected the accounts Module, Apart from this is it possible if I don’t want them to see the Employee birthday, Job Opening Employee etc on Human resource module.

  1. Can we select the modules availability Role wise, e.g. I will define the Module availability in Employee role, and in users role section I will select only Employee.

By doing this every time I don’t have to select or deselect role for every user.

Please sugges



Hi @deepak727! It will show everything if you will select the entire module. Why not create a desktop icon of the doctype you want to show via “Desktop Icon” doctype?

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Hi @creamdory

Thanks for the response even if I put the leave application on desk I am able to navigate to accounts module, please look below screen shot.

  1. The leave application on Desktop

  1. After Clicking on leave application I am able to see the Human resource navigation on Top Left corner as shown below.
  1. Now when I click on that navigation I am able so see the all modules again, Please take a look.

The question is how I am able to see all these modules when I have not selected them in user Module access section ?

Apart from this How I can remove the Leave application shortcut which I have created on desk ?

Please suggest.


Hi Deepak , I am also facing the same problem , but unable to get Answer of same.
I would request to the ERP next team to kindly address this issue as this is important point for the end customers for security reasons.

In case if the user is not authorized for any doctype or any role of manufacturing then why it is showing in the navigation and even the user can view the documents , this is a serious issue and need to be addressed on higher priority

Hi does any one has answer to the above issue

I have the same problem.

I hope someone can help about this.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my solution:

If its User Base then go to Use Permission Manager and add a restriction to that user like the one below.
After that Click on the Edit Role Permissions.
When Edit the role take off everything on the ALL & Guest Role then reload your browser and check if those menu still appears or not. You have to do this to all the Menu that you dont what the user to access or view on the left side menu.


Please User Role based permission to restrict Users to access other modules.
As suggested by @sione You can add restrictions for users to be able to access the documents.

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in response.

@sione below is my restriction settings for the particular user.

Below is the Role permission for the Employee.

I am still able to view the menu and able to navigate it.

Please take a look below.


Please let me know if I am missing something here.

Your suggestion is appreciated.


Check the User Guest and ALL make sure they dont have the read permission on those menu you want to hide

Hi @sione

I have checked the permission for Guest and ALL, below is the screenshot of it.

for guest

For All

Now in the Report permission if I remove all permissions except read, I am getting below error from employee login.

This error is for all Module which are visible i.e Account, Learn etc. from employee login, Even for Human Resource.

The shortcut which I have created on desk of employee for Leave application, that is working fine I am able to Create Leave application and even submit is also without any error.

But not able to view it after submission, Now when I select Write permission in Report permission, I am able to view the submitted application, but it applies to every module, and the same problem persist, I can navigate to all visible module i.e accounts, learn Manufacturing etc.

Now what I want is, if I have not selected the other modules in user section i.e. Accounts, learn Manufacturing etc. it should not visible to the user in any format like navigation or anything else, and if somehow we are able to achieve this by playing with the permission then also it will be difficult to set the same permission for every user, and it will be a frustrating job.

I can only request if the developers can take any action on this, it will be helpful to all.

Any comment from ERPNext team on this ? Im embarassed seeing Manufacturing menu in the sidebar of a School instance setup

manufacturing cannot be hidden by design? Hide Module Doesn't Work After New Menu Changes

Any reason for this ?

Look at your issue in the reverse situation -

Had ERPNext not developed from a Manufacturing focused design, manufacturers etc might well question why the School module must be visible.

Among the Frappe teams vast roster of competing task priorities, no doubt they are also refactoring the code to remove ‘core’ code out of Manufacturing.

edit: I make some assumptions here: Given that Manufacturing is one module that (it seems) cannot be hidden, the reason are possibly it has ‘core’ functions that must remain accessible for ERPNext to still function, and to avoid say permission denied access violations to those functions.

This is when customers complain that they would like to have only Module A & Module B only and not pay for others . Single monolith application concept is good as long as proper Module Access Restrictions are implemented .

Seems , educating customers will be a task in itself

@Savad_Ibrahim I am agree with you, I have same issue

I have same issue