Hide Module Doesn't Work After New Menu Changes

If I hide Manufacturing in Show / Hide Modules for Example, I can still access it via Accounts. Or is there a new way to hide it?

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Yes this is not hidden by design. This view acts as a map of the whole ERPNext application and documents are hidden based on permissions.

What kind of problems does this create for you?

We’ve spent alot of time crafting out permissions and hidden modules which we didnt want users to see. For example, a Sales Team Member should not even be able to see Buying (Procurement), Accounts, Manufacturing, etc. even though permissions would block his/her access. Now once they’ve seen it they have started to ask things like “Can i have access to see Purchasing Prices, Purchase Orders?”, “What is CRM? Can we use it?”.

Basically it opens doors for users to bombard IT with so many questions. I really think it makes more sense not showing the users if it is already hidden. How can we hide the entire module? Can you guys reconsider?

@anand is there anyway around this? it is really beginning to be quite a pain for us.

@bohlian we’ve already released a fix to this on master branch

@anand thank you!

not working for me

Manufacturing module can not be hidden?