Role Permission is Expiring after sometime

Dear Community,

I have a production setup running,in which I am giving role permission it is correctly working after some hours it automatically showing insufficient permission but permission to particular doctype still there in Role Permission Manager,then I am removing the permission and adding again enables the permission,then fails after some hours.
screenshots attached.

Hi @hereabdulla
did you restrict a user in the user permission doctype who has a role that keeps the Apply User Permission checked, in the role permission manager ? if so, then check if it has “Apply to All Roles” in the user permission and remove it. I was experiencing the same issue when each migration done it kept coming.

hope that helps


thanks but I am not given any user permissions

Did you find a solution to this?

I am not getting this issue after updating to V12 i dont know still this issue is there in v10

I just faced after migrating the role permissions go away.