Role Permission Manager

Hi there,
I am facing difficulty on setting up role permissions.
What i am implementing is that i have an employee name HOD whose role is employee as well as Hod. And theres an employee Daizy modi whose role is just employee.
The thing is HOD is set as same branch and department as that of daizy modi.
Now I want HOD to view Daizy Modi’s profile under employee.
So how can i set that.
I want to keep filter based on branch and department that HOD can view only that employee whose under that branch and department.
So i tried to tick the apply user permissions for employee module and role HOD.
Under apply user permission I checked all the checkbox. so that HOD can view only Daizy modi for now since no employee is created for the same branch and department.
What can be the issue?

Have you set the user permission for HOD as branch = xyz ?
Would suggest reading

hi neil,
Yes i do have set it.

The other problem is how can we set a permission for employee with role HOD so that he cannot edit his employee profile but he can edit profile of employees under him in his department.

@Ujjawal no easy way of doing that. maybe Using higher perm levels.