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I am facing the strange role permission issue, I am trying to set delete permission for Integration Request Doc Type, The system manager can delete this document but in the role permission manager delete option is not visible, same delete permission I am trying to replicate on sales user but not able to see the delete checkbox to tick.

When I click on the restore default permission which applies on system manager only, I can see the delete option while restoring but on the page delete check box is not visible.

Please refer the below screenshot.

There is no delete option checkbox

Restore permission is showing delete option but it is still not visible on page.

Please suggest any workaround or is this a bug?


As per this PR, if the user does not have create rights to the particular document, they wont be able to delete it.

Since there are not create rights for Integration Request, the delete option is not visible.

This is intentional.

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Thanks for pointing out, I get that now.