Role Permission not working

Hello everyone, I’m having a strange issue, i create user permission and assign projects to users, however they are still able to see other projects purchase invoices, even though they are not able to open it but it’s still visible in their purchase invoice page.
i checked the role permission manager but didn’t find anything wrong
any help ?


Hi @rs115199789
Please check after enable this Apply Strict User Permissions in System Settings Doctype

It’s also worked without applying the Strict User Permissions.

we tested in both v14 and v15 version. everything is working fine. Please check it.

Still not working , as you can see this user is able to see 3400+ invoices, however i assign him only 1-2 projects in which the purchase invoice should shows as 200-300 maximum.

the user is able to see all the invoices, however unable to open it but why it’s even showing now ?
Thank You

From my side, it also worked.

Normal User:

User permission applied on the user:

Again check the video and also check the role and user permission.

Not working something is wrong somewhere im unable to find it. also when a restricted user tries to upload a purchase invoice and when he goes to select the project rather then assigned projects , all projects are visible to him now.

Hi, @NCP

I checked and the role permission is working somehow, however the users are still able to see the other projects invoice, even though when they click on it, it says restricted permission. So the question is why it is even showing ?

Thank You

Please check with the latest version. I tried with multiple sites but no issue. also, i checked with v15, but also no issue.

No worries, will connect with the support
Thank you