Role Permission - only see Events created by self or assigned

So I have been working on this in different ways for hours now … definitely I haven’t mastered any user permissions understanding here haha

What are the optimum settings for a newly created user role to only see events created by himself or assigned to himself?

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Yep, I enabled Only if Creator, and still, the user is able to see all Events created by all users. Isn’t that strange ?

Current role permission settings:

Current view of the calendar:

The one user under the newly created Role “Agent” should only be able to see 1 event assigned to him. The user has no events created yet.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this ? I’ve been moving permissions around in all possible ways… it seems impossible ?

Example, level 0 role permission for his Role and I disabled Read permission - the user can still see all Events added by all users. That is not supposed to be possible, right ? :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot of the latest settings for the new Role.

The user under the Role “Agent” is still able to see all events created by all users.

Is this a normal behaviour for the settings I made ?

With the risk of making some people upset - it seems I have discovered that the Role Permission do not actually do what they should be doing.

Looking through everything, it seems that the “Only if Creator” option is a null option without any effects. And as it “Only If Creator” on any doctype is pointless.

This of course brings up an issue regarding role and user permissions because you can’t hide anything from any user. Basically you either hide everything or you show everything …

Question comes now, am I right or wrong ? and if I’m right, how and when can we achieve the “Only If Creator” to actually be functional.

Link to the GitHub issue: v12 Role Permissions - "Only If Creator" does not work · Issue #18996 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This situation is still active with no information … “Only If Creator” does not work and a reply from someone who knows what’s happening would be very much helpful.

Events doctype has custom permission checks and it does not obey role permissions changes.

Note: Public events are visible to all users and private events are visible only to the creator of the event.

Check the following code for better understanding…


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Thank you for the explanation @surajshetty

In this case, help me please to understand at a user friendly level, can we make Events to follow the role permissions changes ? are these changes possible ?

Or, at least, how can we hide events from specific user roles ? it’s not possible that everyone sees everything. This is a bit too rough and inflexible at least for our companies using erpnext.

We use the events as our reservation system. Hence we create hundreds of events on a monthly basis.

Now we want to create a special user role for our Agents who will be able to add new reservations and view their own reservations but of course, they cannot see the events created by other Agents.

Also, can System Administrators or specific user roles see private events created by other users ?