Role permission - submit own document

I try to setup role(s) to prevent a user to submit his own document (material request)

I Have setup 2 roles : mr-user and mr-approver :slight_smile:

When I try login as user with roles [ mrapprover, employee] and make the document (material request) , he is able to create and submit it.

Is there something that I missed or wrong here ?

Thanks and regards

the version i use is : version

you already set create and submit permission for MR Approver. that’s why MR Approver is able to create and submit the Material Request. Set proper permission for those Roles.

Hi Jitendra_Rathod,
I have set 2 row for the approver, 1 check and the other unchecked on ‘Only if Creator’.
For the unchecked ‘Only if Creator’ , Submit Is allow but
For the checked ‘Only if Creator’ Submit is not allow.
Which i supposed meaning that if he create this than he can not submit it
but if someone else create than he can submit.
Is this not the correct way ?

Actually I also thinking to use the ‘hooks’ way for this, but still prefer standard way with existing feature.

Thanks and regards

I think I misunderstand the used of ‘Only of Creator’ here.
I guess unchecked this field will applied the rule to all including the Creator … right? thats why he be able to submit .
Is there a way to allow user to submit a document but not the one that he created by using roles permission?


Right, its my mistake.
My current solution to avoid ‘own submit’ is creating a role name ‘selft submitter’ and in the script I check this role to decide on allowing the user to submit docs with owner = user logged in.