Role permission

hello every one

i have issue in my system i make new role permission for employee just for email setup and domain and customization form but when i give him role nothing appear in his user setup icon not appear but when i give him any role not related to setup module working good so i can’t figure the problem

Share screen shot of your roles assigned and erpnext version you are using

no setup icon in side bar also

any update


What is the role and responsibility of this user like? Do you want to allow this user to set role and permission for other users? By default, only System Manager role has this permission to the user.

yes i need to create new role just give users permission and role also make customization and mail domain

Roles Permission configuration seems fine. Not sure if there is any exception like permissions will be accessible to System Managers only?

the problem when i create a roll like ( user permission roll ) and give him like u see above to user
don’t appear in his window setup module totally don’t appear

any update

You may want to apply System Manager role for the User to access Setup

i will try this

i give him system manger role setup module opened with full access the problem that i create new role similar to system manger included only permission role creation and give permission to other user
and doctyp customization and mail domain setup not working when i give it to a user

i think there is something inside system manger role database can’t give access to setup module to any new role related to setup