Role Permissions

I just want to confirm my understanding of Role Permissions.

Init setup: with its own employee number, say EMP0001
Company: ABC
Each user has user permissions as follows by default:
Doc Type: Company IS ABC
Doc Type: Employee IS “Employee Number” (say EMP0001)

Now back to Role Permissions.
If I understand the manual correctly, checked “If Owner” is exactly the same as checked “Apply User Permissions” then click “Select Document Types” and click “If Employee is permitted”

Can someone confirm this?

My understanding in simple words is that all of the above is like a condition “IF Employee=EMP0001 than allow access to Doctype + apply selected permissions (read, write,…)”

Using “Apply User Permissions” I can of course create more sophisticated restrictions, like “IF Company=XYZ” and so on, but still selecting “If Owner” seems the same as “IF Employee=EMP0001”, right?

My understanding is the the ‘If Owner’ is for the person who created the document, which is not always the same case as if Employee=EMP0001. For example, your boss could create your timesheets for the week, in which case Employee would be EMP0002 (you), but the owner would be EMP0001 (your boss).

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