Rollup Field instead of Link (fetch_from)


does anybody know if theres an documentation to add new doc field?

Because of the workflow frappe works with fetch_from it makes in some use cases no sense to save the related field, instead if makes more sense to work like with normal table relations.

So i want to implement a new field type, does somebody have already add new field types to doctype?

As i’ve seen in the forum, many people want the feature.

regards and thanks

Wiki should have a “Creating custom field” section in

Yeah i First think so, but cant find an article where it describes something like this only how to add custom fields to doctypes.

It should sound like “Creating custom control” not field. Or “Modifying existing control”.

Thanks for your response, do you have a link? when i’m search for that i’m only found changing the control elements on the front side (js part), but what im looking for is to add complete new control/field-type on the python code side.

thanks and regards