Rounded to Nearest 100 in Sales Order


I am customizing Sales Order such that the amount is fixed for an Item (actually it is a ‘Service’).
And the Rate should be calculated from Amount and Qty. (As rate= Amount/Qty)
But when I searched this forum I came up with an understanding that I have to override some functions because Amount calculation is a complex task.

Or, I can meet my requirement by rounding the grand total to the ‘nearest 100’. But I can’t find where it is coded.

Any body know, from where the ‘Rounded Total’ works?

If you are developer, here is alternative way.
Add New Custom Field “Custom Rounded Total”
on validate event write script to round net total to nearest 100.
Hide original round total and display Custom Round Total in print format.

code for round to nearest 100


Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Thank you…

By doing so, how can I print ‘In Wiords’ of the amount in ‘Custom Round Total’?

Can you help me with code round to nearest 10
thanks in advanced