Rounded total in payment terms


i need help using rounded total in payment terms template,

we use the payment terms to sell items and get paid on 8 years, so we get our payments in parts like 2.107% monthly of total invoice, i’m able to do that using payment terms and templates, the only problem i have is getting a number like that ( 11799.20 ) in the payment amount which is number we cannot write on cheque,

can we make rounded total to round the invoice payment amount to the closest great number like ( 11800 )
or use a script to do that ?

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Any help

If you want rounded total for your entire system, there is a system-wide rounded totals setting. If you only want rounded totals for your payment terms, you can do it in the validate: of frontend javascript or before_save of python (backend). (You may also do this in server script)


Thanks a lot for your reply,

Can you help me with that script as i am not familiar with writing scripts to erpnext ?


Also Rounded total for entire system is rounding only the total amount of invoice , not the payment terms

where do you find that ?

got it “GLOBAL DEFAULTS” is your friend here

A more precise technique is to go to currency. If you want your currency to be precise up to the second decimal place, you have to change .00 to .01

Even if you set the Global default, if your currency setting is 00, it will still round off to the nearest “dollar” and cut off the cent part.

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Very much appreciated. Most of the replies are to turn off rounding from global defaults and that solves the problem, but can create an accounting issue.


In cheque printing format use jinja round filter to print rounded amount. It will only print rounded amount.

how do you do that ?