Rounding amount problem in Purchase Order


i’m trying to input a purchase order, but i was always getting a rounding error in the amount. For example, the item rate is 0.68 and quantity is 10, so the amount should be 6.8, but everytime i click save, it will automatically rounded to 7. I’m still newbie in ERPNext, maybe someone can help me how to solve that problem? Maybe i’m missing something in the settings? I set the precision to 2 in System Settings.

I attached the screenshot of the example. Thanks.


Try disabling these settings : “Setup → Global Settings → Disable Rounded Total” and see if it works.

thanks for your reply. But unfortunately, it didn’t work. Do you still have other ideas?

Try setting precision here for Amount field.

Setup->DocType->Purchase Order Item

Not sure if it will work but give it a shot.

there is not “Amount” field in the settings you mentioned above.

or i’m missing something?

Strange, it should be there. What version of Erpnext are you on?

You can set precision for a field from Setup → Customize Form → Select Purchase Order Item.

Also check the following:

  1. What are the values of “Float Precision” and “Number Format” in Setup → System Settings?
  2. What is the value of “Number Format” in the Currency record “RMB”?

@KanchanChauhan: thanks again. I found the settings you mentioned above in Setup → Customize Form → Select Purchase Order Item (as answered by @nabinhait) and set the precision to 2. But again, it didn’t help.
Here is information about the installed ERPNext and Frappe:
ERPNext: v6.9.2
Frappe Framework: v6.8.2


  1. The value of “Float Precision” is 2 and “Number Format” is “#.###,##” in Setup → System Settings
  2. I have following in the currency record RMB:
  • Fraction: Cent
  • Fraction Units: 100
  • Symbol: RMB
  • Number Format: #.###,## (the same format as in Setup → System Settings)

The strange thing is, everything is correct if i don’t click the save button. As long as i click the save button, it will automatically rounded. I attach a screenshot showing the purchase order before i click the save button. Hope it can help. Thanks.

Not working for me in purchase order
i have create 2 diff.purchase order

in 1st purchase order

Grand Total (INR)

₹ 85,900.50

Rounding Adjustment (INR)

₹ -0.50 [why it take the negative values]

Rounded Total (INR)

₹ 85,900.00

VERTEX TRADE - PUR-ORD-PAMPL-19-20-019 (1).png

in 2nd purchase order

Grand Total (INR)

₹ 1,155.50

Rounding Adjustment (INR)

₹ 0.50 [why it will take the positve values]

Rounded Total (INR)

₹ 1,156.00


what are the solution for this one can take positve value and another can take negative why this happen .Is there any mistake in setup ?

Can u please help me for this

i experienced this problem too, anyone has solution for this issue?

As @satish_malkar describe the issue still persist.

I am using v12, and under Sales invoice, I also faced this strange behaviour Rounding Adjustment is sometimes positives and otherwise negative!