Rounding Configuration

Hi All, I see several discussion on the topic of rounding. Is there a comprehensive guide how it works and where things need to be configured? For example I would like to configure rounding to make sure all my receipts and payable have 0.05 cents multiple. Cant be 0.06 as an example. How can I set that up?

I have read several threads but is is confusing to follow.

For such a requirement, you might have to use custom script. Rounding as delivered controls only number of decimal points as per standard rounding rules.

Thanks Pawan. So basically we can only from from 5 digits after decimal to 4 or from 4 to 3.
It cannot be configured, it has to be programmed. Would you know if it is front end script or back end?

Custom Javascript should work

Thanks Pawan. If we make a custom JS, would it be impacting all customers on a multi-tenant or would be it be specific for the tenant. Or another way of asking, is it possible to make tenant wise JS customization? thanks for your help.

Yes it is possible

Thanks Pawan. Great to know that. Is there a structural way to customize each tenant? What elements of the architecture facilitates it? Any guidance would be of great help.Thanks again.

You can refer the custom script help link

Thank You!