Rounding difference between Suppliers and ERP invoices

In ERP due to discount rounding sometimes the item value unit rate and hence item total and the net total is different from Suppliers invoice. We can writeoff the changes in the total but we want our invoice to match exactly with the suppliers invoice. Is there a way by which we can allow a small changes to the unit rate say by Rs. 0.05?




Thanks for reporting this issue here. We will try and replicate this issue locally and get back to you.

@Amit_Saxena I also just came across the same problem. Total incl. taxes rounds up to +0,01€. Is there a way I can set where, when and how sums are rounded?

There might be different availed as a result of decimal places round. To manage the same, you should update Rounded Account and Cost Center in the Company master. If at all such a marginal difference account is found un-adjusted, it’s value is booked under Rounded account.

So I spoke to my business administration guy and decided to just use the given deduction field in the doc-typ. For me this way this subject is no longer an issue.
As the difference probably comes from the programs calculating differently:
1: (product+product+product)tax
2: product
this variance will be found every know and then.

Maybe it’s a good idea though to have a little button for round up/down in little (0,01€) steps right by the tax field. Something like this:

What do you think?

I have dealt with this as well. The work around we are doing is to not track tax separately. We just bake it into the price of the item. However this approach seems good as well for those who want to track tax separately.