Rounding Error in Tax Calculation


There appears to be an issue with rounding in tax calculation. Following is the exact situation:

Net Total = 24,571,428.57
VAT (5%) = 1,228,571.4285

Since I have left the rounding for tax at the default (2), I expect the figure to be 1,228,571.43 but instead, what we have is 1,228,571.42

Is this a bug?

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Are you facing the issue in V8?

Hi @ArundhatiS

Thanks for your response. No, its V7. Just tried it on a V8 demo and it works fine! Any chance of getting this fixed on V7 as well for the benefit of cloud users who haven’t been migrated yet?

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No everyone will be moved to v8 soon!

Awesome! :slight_smile:

getting same issue in version-15.