Rounding error prevents BOM update

Complete novice here - please be gentle with me!

I created 3 versions of a BOM (going through the “Submit” > “New Version” cycle - but failed to realise that old versions retain the “Is Active” tick. I went back to version 002 and 001 of the BOM - deselected “Is Active” and got this error:

Not allowed to change Raw Material Cost after submission from 487.33 to 487.32999999

This is something stupid I have done or a rounding error. How do I get past it and flag the obsolete BOM as inactive?

(I should add that this is the demo version of ERPNext - I have no idea how to find the version number!)

Well, I just fixed it myself: Settings > System Settings > Number and Date Format - Currency Precision = 3

Nothing like having to fix issues like this while still trying to understand the workflow :exploding_head: