Rounding Error with Stripe Payments

I recently added Stripe as a payment gateway and processed my first credit card transaction. The invoice was for $893.54 but when I got the confirmation from Stripe for the transaction, I noticed that it was for $893.00.

I contacted Stripe support and they indicated that the error was not on their end, and in fact the logs revealed that the POST was for 89300. (see below).

Has anyone else encountered this issue with USD? Is there a known patch?

Right now My payment entry statement says $893.54 but my Stripe account shows $893.00. I can certainly write off .54, but I would like to see this fixed.

“currency”: “USD”,
“amount”: “89300”,
“description”: “Payment Request for SO-00035”,

Has anyone had experienced this? Hoping to find a solution before we can deploy credit card payment options fully.

This is a known issue. It’s been posted on github and a fix has been pushed, but not sure when it will be merged.

You can fix it temporarily by modifying a few lines of code.

Thanks for pointing me to the right place to resolve this, this is perfect. I’ll check it out on Github.

Is there a recommended fix for adjusting transactions that have already posted? I guess I could make a journal entry to write off the rounding error, but I thought it might be best to ask if there is a way to adjust.