Rounding issue encountered in landed cost voucher posting

I am currently facing with an issue on the landed cost.

Basically, RM3,400.27 was being incurred for the landed cost. When i choose the option of distributing the cost by the item quantity, i am hit with an error message “Total Applicable Charges in Purchase Receipt Items table must be same as Total Taxes and Charges”.

Upon investigation, i noted that that there is rounding differences when i sum up all the applicable charges and compared back to the landed cost.

What are the solutions available for this kind of rounding differences?

A fix for the same is being implemented and will be merged soon.
Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for the reply. Any estimated date that we can receive the fix?

You can check the progress here:

@bion in the interim you can add the rounding off figure to any of applicable charges so that it can balance to enable you carry out the posting

This has been fixed in the latest update. Kindly confirm.

yes, problem has been solved!
thank you for the updates.