Rounding issue in POS (0.01$ difference between payment and invoice total)


From time to time (pretty frequently) I get what seems to be a rounding issue on Sales Invoice made from the POS. I sometime get either a +0.01$ or a -0.01$ difference even though the invoice total is for example 45.95$ and the payment is also 45.95$. If I get a +0.01$ difference, the status of the sales invoice will be “Credit Note” and if the difference is -0.01$ the sales invoice status would be “Unpaid”. I think it might be a rounding issue. Here in the Province of Quebec, Canada, the provincial sales taxe (TVQ) is 9.975% so I have set the “Date and numbers” setting to use three decimals in System Settings. Could the issue come from that? Would there be a third decimal that I don’t see that is either rounded +0.01 or -0.01? I just tried to set the “Date and numbers” setting to use only two decimals in System Settings… I will see if that helps!




Thanks for solution.

I was experiencing this too on version 8. I adjusted my float precision from 3 to 2 as you suggested and it fixed my rounding issue.

I tested the offending transaction and the rounding error did not occur again. I inspected the sales invoice data in the browser local storage prior to and after the change. I can confirm that the currency amounts had three decimals before the change and two decimals after the change.


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It does solve the issue when you don’t use any 3 digits numbers but it won’t solve my issue since our state taxe percentage is 9.975%…