Rounding Issue in Sales Invoice and payment entry

Hi all

Is there any possibility to allow rounding of 1 decimal place in sales and purchase invoice? Please find my system setting as follow:

in this sample 1,000.20 shouldn’t be rounded
but if let say 1,000.18, then it should be round to 1,000.20

System Setting
Float Precision is 2, Currency Precision is 2

Global Default:
Disable Rounded Total is ticked

Currency for MYR: I have tried to put smallest currency fraction value: 0.01 or 0.00, both also do not solve my problem

Currently my sale invoice remain like rounding to 2 decimal place (which is not correct)

While the sale invoice print format since i hide the rounded total field, the print format is with 1000.20 amount which is correct and this amount client paid us correct 1000.20. However when i tried to key in payment entry for this invoice, the amount fetch out by system is 1,000.00 and miss out the 0.20 which causes amount not tally in my account, seek your guidance to only rounding 2 decimal places, thank you


Go to Currency > Select MYR and update the marked field to 0.01 and check again:

@Katy_Yong @kennethsequeira
Could you solve the problem?

It seems like I have the same problem on the “quotation item” doctype.
Rate and amount are rounded to the next .10.
e.g. I am expecting 123.43 But I get: 123.40

I already checked precision as well as the smallest currency fraction value.
Currently I am running ERPNext v12.15.0.
And: on a second instance running v13 ( tough with different settings) I cant reproduce the problem.

Question now: bug in v12? Or different settings somewhere?

Solved. The margin-amount was configured to 1 digit precision.

So to avoid any issues like that, make sure that all fields on the doctype have correct precision, even if hidden and/or not actively used.