Rounding on recurring Invoice amount

Hi everyone,
So I have a rather unique case of using recurring invoice.
Here is an example case.
We have long-term sales order :

This sales order will have 11 qty item, that will be billed per 1 item on monthly basis.
We decided to try to use recurring invoice for this. Which will have something like this :

with recurring settings like this:

Now the problem I want to ask is this. As you can see from the example, that the amount for each invoice is rounded to 209.09. Which if we multiply by 11 number of invoice we get 2,229.99, which will not tally with the Sales Order 2,300.00 amount. We want it to tally.

So can I have any suggestion on how to best approach this case?
Will it be possible to have recurring invoice that have different rate/amount on the last invoice to make the amount rounded?

Any suggestion is welcome, thank you.

Option 1:

Update Round Off Account and Cost Center in the very first invoice, so that you have total of invoices tallying with Sales Order.

Option 2: Let Sales Invoice generate. Cancel and Amend last Sales Invoice to correct rounding manually.

Hi Umair,
so how would you update Round Off Account and Cost Center? by using Journal Entry?