Rounding problem on sales invoice


I am using

ERPNext:** v13.15.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework:** v13.15.0 (version-13)

Just updated the day before yesterday.

I think there is a problem with rounding. I have Rounding deactivated on Global Settings, and Smallest Currency Fraction set to 0,01 €

Even so, when I make an invoice, there is a rounding value in one of the fields below, and now that I have sent the invoice and it is paid, when I create the payment, I see the invoice does not appears as settled, because there is a difference of 0,05 € and I introduced the real amount of the invoice and the payment. This is when I realized of the problem.

I see there is a checkbox on Sales Invoice form that says Deactivate Rounding. Should I have clicked it on here, besides the other settings!?

What can I do now that the invoice has been sent? If I ammend it the numeration is going to change. How to best correct this, modifying the paid amount!?

Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,


This picture will help to ilustrate what I mean: