Rounding problem with 4 decimals

Hello everyone, I have a question, or what happens is that in my system I implemented to work with 4 decimals

Since I changed that, it is giving me a rounding problem in the items at the time of making the sales invoice because as you can see in the following image, in a row if you let me put the price I want (row 3) and in the other one (row 7)

my question is if anyone knows how it could prevent rounding


Go to global settings and disable rounding total and then make the float precision as 4 as same as currency.

this will prevent the rounding total in invoices…

thank you

Thank you for responding, I already did what you mentioned and still gives the error.

But I learned that the rounding problem happens when the value of the item is greater than the one suggested as the system, if I use lower values, it is not rounded

For example in the following image you can see the same item in 2 different rows, in the first one it has a value less than the one saved as a recommendation in the system so it does not round up, and in the second it has a value of May so that It is rounded up when saving the sales invoice

Were you able to solve your problem? I am experiencing the same issue…

Solved this issue. The margin-amount was configured to 1 digit precision.

To avoid any issues like that, make sure that all fields on the doctype have correct precision, even if hidden and/or not actively used.