Rounding Question

Hi all,

I noticed that when erpnext is rounding it always round down for example an invoice
$79,222.506 will have a rounding adjustment of -$0.006 to put the grand total to $79,222.50

Is there a way to change this rounding method to instead use the traditional rounding where it rounds up if >=5

I know that this method of rounding is done as a courtesy for customers but most of the time most people/company expects a round up

@Dan_Navarro I have checked the Currency control alongside the rounding function and both works as intended.

Just to clarify, the rounding is performed based on the precision value. If it is lower than the number of decimal places, then it rounds the number.


Number = $79,222.506
Precision = 3 or more
Value = $79,222.506

Number = $79,222.506
Precision = 2
Value = $79,222.51

I have tested the rounding function and this is what I have found.

Ah you are right although my current production server
which is on version ERPNext: v13.35.3 isn’t doing that.

I brought up the new version ERPNext: v13.37.0 and it seems like it is properly rounding.


okay I was wrong looks like it is still happening.


Frappe Framework: v13.40.0
ERPNext: v13.37.0

Below is my currency settings

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@Dan_Navarro How about you set the precision to 4 for all the currency fields in the doctype, like Rounded Total…

Hi @Dan_Navarro - Did you find any solution for this?
I am facing the same issue on v15 for INR currency. INR 788.50 is getting rounded off to 788 instead of 789

I can’t remember how its fixed but make sure you set the correct settings for rounding. See below

Thanks for the reply. Setting the correct rounding method worked. We selected it to Banker’rounding.