Rounding Total & Outstanding amount

If case is
In Sales Invoice as Include payment checked,
Grand total 10.31
Rounded Total is 10.00

So, it shows Outstanding amount 10.31

But if Payment received as rounded total 10.00,
shows in outstanding 0.31 !

How to set that 0.31 in round off account and not as outstanding amount? Preferably automatically?


I have experienced this issue and tried using float and currency precision to overcome it but that only achieved so much since paid amount as you rightly put it ignores the rounded total.

Probably a sales setting to allow sales payment against rounded total is needed for this to work. However I do not know the full impact of that approach in GL or elsewhere

There must be something, this is very common and must have a way to do it!

hey @mdwala,
What version of ERPNext are you on?:grinning: The version 10 (Released 6 days ago) has a fix for this. (Again, You guys are awesome - Team ERPNext).

Please, update to version 10 and have fun using ERPNext…
BTW Happy New Year!!! :tada:

Also, I wonder why you did not stumble across this topic before you created a new one. :neutral_face:


Seems I was not submitting invoice to reflect auto roud off.

Submitted invoice rounded off itself. Thanks.