Payment Entry Issue with Grand total and Rounded Total

We hace created a PO with amount as below

while making payment entry it says

I can’t say how Rounded Total applies here.

The message makes sense - indeed the payment advance exceeds the (Grand Total) amount due - it seems reasonable to prevent overpayment?

It depends on what the purpose of the rounding is, I think. As I interpret it,Rounded Total indicates the amount that should be paid, so it’s confusing when paying that amount throws up errors. There’s space in the invoice form to write off a rounding difference, but it looks like it’s not getting thrown in automatically.

The other alternative for OP would be to disable rounding.

Thanks Peter - yes these exchanges support your interpretation that Rounded Total represents the payment amount due, at least in the case of Sales Invoice and Sales Order.

So why a PO does not seem to follow that covention, unless as you say rounding must be disabled in that case.