How to make outstanding balance same as Rounded Total

How to make Rounded total same as outstanding total ,so the customer will pay only the rounded amount and change and other entries will be calculated on rounded amount.

i want the customer to pay rounded amount i.e 9 in above case but currently if he pays 9 , it shows change 0.1 which should not happen.

Its pretty simple and basic, so i think it should be already in system?
Can anyone guide me how to set this up?


Hi have you look into customize form and the precision for that field?

sorry did not get you ?
How does precision help? i Have already set a global precision ,

i tried nevertheless whatever precision i set for "outstanding amount" field its still never same as the rounding total i.e the payment to be done is not considered on the rounded value but the actual value.

How do i set that the payable amount should be the rounded amount?

Any help or workaround suggestion would be appreciated?

sorry for explicit mentions - i saw your names among active people in forums.

its not happening for me …
can anyone help please.

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Currently, system posts grand_total in accounting ledger and hence outstanding amount is also same as grand total.

There is a open pull request for this, which will solve this issue. I will review the pull request soon and merge it.


sure thanks,
hope it works out

@kt2152 is this issue fixed for you? i still seem have the issue you are describing. has that pull request been merged yet? (i am unable to locate that pull request)

The pull request has been merged in develop branch, it will be merged in master branch with the release of v10.

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Inverse question: how to make otustanding balance NOT same as Rounding Total? On v11 Cloud.