[Solved] Issue in Sales Invoice

The issue is that outstanding amount is being calculated with Grand Total as reference. Shouldn’t the Rounded Total be used as reference ? This is creating an issue where even after payment entry being submitted, the invoice is overdue because there has been no payment allocation for that fraction amount.


In this example, outstanding amount before the payment was Rs. 11,649.20. Now we get a cheque of Rs. 11649 and we create a payment entry and submit it with the sales invoice as reference.

After updation, the amount of Rs 0.20 is still unpaid and the invoice is unpaid whereas in the company is the customer has paid all dues but in system it is still overdue.

what version of ERPNext are you on? this issue is fixed in V10 as mentioned here

also, in case you have already saved you invoice… you can round off during payment entry…
For Example:
in your case the allotted amount was “11,649” you could change the allocted amount to “11,649.20”…
you can then write off the difference amount to round off account using the “Write off Difference Amount” Button.


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