Route from one form to main desk page ERPNext keeping the login active

how to move from any form to desk page ERPNext . I have used route function but it is not working . what is the name of desk page doctype in erpnext

The Desk does not have its own DocType, and is treated differently by the framework.

To open a Desk web page, you can write some JavaScript like below (perhaps in a button):

frappe.set_route(`/`);  // will open Desk on the Home page.
frappe.set_route(`home`);  // will also open the Home page.
frappe.set_route(`selling`);  // will open Desk on the Selling page

But it is not working

If you would like help, please put more effort into your posts. Saying “it is not working” tells us almost nothing.

How did you test this? What happened? What did you expect to happen? What output, if any, is showing up in the developer console? What other approaches have you tried? Where else have you looked for information?

I am new to ERPNext. I have used client side coding for employee checkin to make me mark attendance according to my need and now after the execution of code I want the form to get redirected to home page by using

//frappe.set_route(‘Form’,“Homepage”,“Employee Name”);

//frappe.set_route(“Form”, “home”, {“employee_name”: “employee_name”});


but nothing helped

Placing two front slashes // in front of a line of code indicates that the code is a comment only and should not be run. If you put //frappe.set_route("home") in a script, nothing will happen.

These were not working so I comment them otherwise while testing i removed comments

did u find a solution