Route Material Request for approval to Project Assignee

Continuing the discussion from Department wise workflow for material request:

Hi everyone,

I have a new scenario here.

1 - I have created a project and assigned to someone.
2 - I have customized material request form and added project name in it.
3 - User selects and saves project name in material request.
4 - I want that material request be routed to project’s assignee (project manager) for approval in workflow.

Note:- Same person may be assigned to more than one projects.



Can you share screen shots of what workflow you have tried to set up and what is not working?

Please find two screen shots. One for material request that shows project name selected and second is for project screen that shows that this project is assigned to two persons.

Now I want that this material request should be routed to these two persons for approval. Either of them can approve it.

When I create workflow, I do not find project assignee in “Only allow edit for” field in states section or in “Allowed” field in Transition rules section.

What procedure should I adopt to achieve this?


Material Request

Project Screen

Any idea please?

I do not see the workflow set up screen shot? Have you tried to set up any workflow on this doc type?

Yes sure. I have tried but approving authority is “Leave Approver”. Its working fine but I want to change Leave Approver with Project Assignee.

Please find screenshots attached.

Maybe you would have to create a new role similar to Leave Approver and dynamically insert the approvers into that role.Some sort of custom code would be required for this I think.