Routing In Manufacturing

i am new in erpnext also a fresher graduate …
what is mean by Routing? why it is using in manufacturing?

Routing is the sequence of manufacture (the order in which the processes occur).

  1. Make you milkshake flavour mixture by combining a numbers of colourants, flavourants etc
  2. Make the milkshake base
  3. Mix the flavour into the base and blend them with milk
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i understand.Thanks for your quick responds.
i created a Routing named as ‘Route1’.and added list operations in Route1…Created a bom using this routing and submitted …
when i try create another bom using this routing ‘Routing1’ and now i can’t see operation list that i already created in ‘Rout1’
why?Is that all operations are moved into that doctype ‘BOM’?

plz confirm which file of below one have to import via Virtual Machine
production image
development image
vagrant box

How can we bound route ? suppose we have route
so without stitching , washing not possible and w/o washing pressing not possible so how crate dependency ?

thank you was looking for the same explanation