Row size too large in Sales Invoice

Since the first update from version 12 to version 13, I have been facing issue with Row Size too large for Sales Invoice. I have GST enabled and it has some columns for handling GST.

I had deleted some columns first time when I updated from 12 to 13. But today I was trying to update to 13.9 and I have started again getting the same error again. I cannot delete customized data as I require those. Request you to kindly guide me to solve this issue?

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If you have added any custom Data fields then you can convert them to Small Text to reduce row size.

Data field = 140*3 + 2 bytes
(Small)Text field = 12 bytes (for reference to data, not stored in row)

v13.10 does this for some standard fields.


Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.