Rule based Sales Partner commission calculation

Currently, Sales Partner Commision calculation is based on a fixed percentage rate. However many times it could be variable based on the type or brand of the item he/she is selling.

We propose to enahance this feature by introducing a rule based commission calculation. The rules can be based on ‘Item Code’, ‘Item Group’ or ‘Brand’ to start with. This can further be enhanced by adding more rules based on attributes like - ‘Territory’, ‘Customer group’ etc.

Implementation approach -

Propose to add a child table in ‘Sales Partner’ doctype as follows -

Sales Partner commission will be calculated on the basis of rules defined in the Sales Partner commission rules above.

Does this feature make sense to rest of the community? We plan to submit this as a PR. If you have any suggestion please feel free to comment.


Hi @sagar. Nobody answer you…I love the idea, it’s totally necesary for me. What’s your progress. Thank you in advance.

No one Answer, so i am adding this in my customized app.

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@sagar is that something you could share or sell?

@sagar Sagar, could you please share it with us, the community?

I’m intrested too. Could you share this with erpnext community, please!?

We are in need of sales partner commission calculated based on the units sold similarly for purchases also we need to apply this. That is number of units sold/purchased multiplied by amount per unit.

Great improvement suggestion, I’m interested too

Bump, I need this also.