Run ERPNext 7 Beta now and upgrade when ready or run ERPNext 6 and upgrade to 7 later?

Hi all,

I have been toying with an install of ERPNext 7 Beta and it’s been great for me so far. The UI is working flawlessy with Chrome, when I customize a tabular view with columns the customization is applied with no problems, I love the calendar view on main module records like a Customer, etc.

If I haven’t had any problems thus far, its been perfect. With that, is it safe to just keep doing my data entry/porting into my ERPnext 7 install and then upgrade it to the official build when it’s ready? Or am I risking my data and I should create an ERPNext 6 install instead.

Thank you for your opinions!


So, if you’re on ERPNext 7 right now, you won’t face issues at all when we move to ERPNext 7, because if you are on 7 right now, that means you’re on the develop branch of erpnext and frappe. When we release ERPNext 7 we will merge the develop branch into the master branch. So, you won’t even notice a difference.

However, running ERPNext 7 does have risks where one update could cause issues, because it’s still under development after all, and we constantly push changes to it, but it’s reasonably stable as of now. We use it ourselves.

Now, because you’re on develop right now, that means that once we do release, you’ll have to move to the master branch of frappe and erpnext, because they’ll be stable ERPNext 7 then, and we’ll continue development on the develop branch.

I hope this makes sense.

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Hi @vjFaLk, thank you for your detailed response!

Would it be difficult to switch from develop to production once V7 is merged into that branch?

Not at all, it’s a single command. (bench switch-to-master)

@vjFaLk, thank you so much! I feel confident to continue running on the beta until it’s pushed to the master branch, of then which I assume my commands will be:

bench switch-to-master
bench update

I assume since I am on the beta, I won’t need to add the --upgrade flag to my bench update command after I have switched to master?



bench switch-to-master --upgrade followed by bench migrate basically

Hi @vjFaLk,

Thanks for this! I will run the following commands once 7 is in the Master branch to get off beta and off of the develop branch:

bench switch-to-master --upgrade bench migrate

Much appreciated for your time and help :slight_smile:



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