Run multiple bench for developmen


Can anyone please show how to run multiple bench for development?
The step by step process.

I already follow some people in discussion about setup multiple bench and run but i still failed to run the bench.

Can anyone please help!

Why you need parallel development benches?

Because at the first time i want to customize the erpnext app that i already downloaded from the github. but i saw a lot of things have to change because i just want a very basic erp system.

So i decided to make my own app and run in another bench. for the first bench i want to run simultaneously for me to refer the erpnext app.

I just forget to stop the developer mode at the first bench. its okay for me to stop the developer mode but the question is how can i run multiple bench simultaneously?

please help me @saurabh6790

thank you

@iqbalzahir please refer this

Thanks for your reply @kolate_sambhaji

I still can not run multiple bench.
service nginx reload is not valid.

Hi iqbalzahir,

Did you try the link and follow instructions of Multi-Bench-Setup, and the notes for possible manual changes?