Run Payroll Without Salary Structure

Actually, I need to run payroll with only just Basic Salary,
It’s very hassle to do the following for each employee… salary Component → then assign it to Salary Structure → then Assign Structure to the Employee.

My case is very simple than all these steps
Is there a way to just assign a basic salary to an employee’s profile, without the cycle of the salary structure?

Create a single salary structure as Basic. Write the formula as base = basic.

In Salary Structure Assignment, under base enter the amount that needs to be paid out.

For bulk creation, you can use Data Import.

Likewise, you can also set the Salary structure you created as Default through Customize Form option so as to not select it every time you have to create a new assignment.

I followed this,
When I run payslip getting the below error
Syntax error in formula or condition: invalid syntax (, line 1)

In the formula for basic just mention:


This should pick up whatever is the base amount in the salary structure assignment.

I added salary component I added the following formula base = basic
Then I added salary structure and added New Earning → Basic

May this because the Abbr of basic component is B not basic ?

The formula is incorrect.

Just keep the formula as base.

Not base=basic.

The point of the comment was that base and basic should be equal so the payroll process can inherit the same from the assignment. Make this change and retry the process.

I kept just base in the formula, but when I run payslip, gives me Zero
I tried to add base * 1 in the formula, it worked and shows amounts, but let’s say the base salary = 3,000 , If employee worked 15 days, it also shows 3,000 in payslip, not 1,500

you need to link with attendance if you want to deduct salary for non working days

How I do that,
Already in payslip I see Payment Days = 11 Days and Absent Days = 20 Days

Why the system did not calculate this as he already see the absent days