Run script from report

Hi! I have a script that runs when certain field is modified inside my form. It works perfectly well but now I want it to run from a report.

For example, let’s suppose i have a field called ’ nombre’ with an associated script. I look to every document from a report and select many of them to edit, select ‘nombre’ field and apply a new value. This change should make the script run but it doesn’t. What’s the problem here? I want to use this feature to make changes in many documents at the same time, just by changing a value in field ’ nombre’


Hola! This feature is built in but you need to do it from the list view.

Select the items (with a filter in your case), then click edit and select the field you want to edit.

Pro tip:
You can use the up/down arrow keys to focus the row and the spacebar to select the row item.