Run Script on Quick Entry


i want to run some code on quick entry dialog.

It is not possible

It’s possible actually, but very fragile and unreliable, because javascript =)


Create a new doctype_list.js in your doctype’s directory along with doctype.js and put this code there:

let old_quick_entry = frappe.ui.form.make_quick_entry;

let new_quick_entry = (doctype, after_insert, init_callback, doc) => {
	old_quick_entry(doctype, after_insert, init_callback, doc);
	setTimeout(() => { console.log('dialog object is accessible here ' cur_dialog);}, 500);

frappe.ui.form.make_quick_entry = new_quick_entry;

I think there’s a more reliable way to monkey-patch a QuickEntryForm object to run custom triggers, but I didn’t search for it yet.

This wil only work if you try to quick entry create a new document from it’s doctype list.

For other places, you’ll need to monkey-patch respective page object.