Running Frappe with custom ui

Can we have custom FE engine built using reactjs or any other technologies and a BE engine supported by Frappe run separately?
In detail, can i have a separate repositories for FE and BE for my Frappe applications?

HI @Yash_agnikul:

Yes, you can do it, using Vue, React …

There are a lot of examples, but this is a really good start point. In this case, frontend is integrated on custom app. Whole thing is managed by framework.

Also can create an completely separated app using REST API …, or FrappeUI … Actually you can approach it with different strategies.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you @avc

You can definitely set up custom front-end engines using React.js or other technologies alongside a back-end engine supported by Frappe. Many developers prefer this approach for flexibility and customization.

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how good is it when compared with the traditional ways?