S.O., leads and quotations are not showing to sales manager of sales user under sales person tree

I have mentioned the sales manager and sales user in the image. Please have a look. My query is that i want settings that in sales person tree, sales manager must have access to its sales user.
That sales manage can able to see Sales order, lead, quotation etc. of its under sales person in sales person tree.


1.Login by Administrator & provide role access of Sales Manager & Sales User in User List
2.By Same administrator login Provide doctype wise Access/rights (i.e.Create,Cancel.delete etc) for these above roles in Roles & Permission Manager.

i have done this but nothing works. Please explain briefly with screenshots or with short videos. and i am showing you that what rights i have used for sales manager and sales user:-

But as a Sales Manager, i am not able to seeing the S.O., Leads, Purchase order of sales user,
that i have mentioned earlier.

Hi ,
1.As per my knowledge if u login by administrator then u can give the permissions in Setup>> Doctype by creating new doctype in it.
2.As I previously said u can give multiple roles access to same doctype from through Roles & Permission Manager and through User List.

These are only ways that i know

Please refer the following screen shots,-

I did this what you said above, but i said earlier that i just only to see only sales person S.O., leads, quotation under sales manager in sales tree.
Like, in the image, for Sachin, there is Sharad jain under Sachin. now, i want the setting that Sachin can only see the Sharad Jain’s S.O., lead etc not for Mousumi’s under sales person.
But with these settings what you said, Sachin is able to see the others S.O., leads etc.


I had done this but still as Sachin Jasiwal, able to see all other user’s leads and sales order.
What i need to see as Sachin Jaiswal, want to see only Sharad Jain’s Leads and Sales order.
Now, what i have to do?

I have found the solution for this:-

Just go to User and permissions, then find Role on the left side. After that click on Menu and choose User Permissions.
Then create New Value as shown in picture. and Create and set the value for the other user’s one by one and save it. Take the image as reference.