S3 Backup - AWS Access Permissions

Dear ERPNext’ies,

on testing out the S3 Backup and I noticed that it only workes with the AWS Policy “AmazonS3FullAccess” - which is not really secure, if you have tons of stuff stored there besides the ERPNext Backups…

Does anyone have found out which permissions the AccessKey needs to only have access to one single bucket?

Trying several whith the AWS Policy Generator but none of them worked :frowning:

Thank you

there is a suggestion on this here

I could not get it working though because s3 throws a Missing required field Principal error at me.
If you can tell me what to choose for the “Principal” maybe both of us can get it working.


while trying to figure out the s3 bucket policy, all of a sudden (without having changed or added to the policy yet) I see a backup showing in my bucket. So it is solved for me without me knowing why. I’m curious if this continous to work

P.S. I am on v11 where s3 backup is built in