SAFARI BROWSER - missing fonts on fresh install ubuntu 14.01

Hello, I setup a fresh 14.04 ubuntu server, ran updates than ran the installer script for erpnext it works on other browsers i’ve tested but safari, words do not show up.

further poking around, - if I open and close the console “inspect - element” then all the words disappear and I can only see the glyph icons and badges

Could be an issue with your internet connection? I guess the Noto Sans did not show up…

no problems with internet connection. there is no fallback font?

the demo and the vm both work, but this fresh install on ubuntu 14.04 with the installer script…

Maybe your local install is not able to donwload fonts via Google Web Fonts. I am not sure we have a fallback yet…

@pdvyas any clue?

if my local install is not able to use the google web fonts this should be checked in the installer script. its a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04-1 server and full updates.

@pdvyas and I fixed it. the installer script does not prompt for domain name. so it setup as site1.local and safari wouldn’t get the fonts.

running bench set-url-root site1.local http://{your_domain_name} with my domain name fixes the problem.

better solution for this is implemented in nginx config. So, this step is no more required.
@rmehta Funny this is that the print_css is applied to the window by the boot step!