Safe way to update database from v12 to v15

Is there a way to properly migrate database directly from v12 to v15 ,
because there seem to be lot of breaking changes from 13 -15 ,

has anyone tried it .
The direct migrate way with -f flag leads to too many table related issues , i feel solving them one at a time would take 1 year .

Is there a assured way to smooth those things and safegaurd for the structural changes?

Direct 12-15 upgrade will be fraught with dangers and problems, if not impossible.
The only “safe” method is incremental steps…
12…13…14…15, which is mildly laborious, but significantly easier than the struggle of a 1 shot (in the foot) attempt at going 12…15

I thought of that , but then i can’t get the latest data from live …
I would need stop the live server , duplicate it , attempt migration to 15 step by step then resume on new one…
And during that time completely stop all transactions because the latest ones cannot be directly imported to v15 again .

There should really be a guide to do it directly…like force import ,
Change x tables ,
Change x fields ,
And Do x things step by step before hitting migrate

Then all the patches will be applied properly without error …
Has no one done or documented it yet ?