'Safety Stock' field in Item

Can anyone tell me the purpose of this field? @neilLasrado, you created this in PR#5507, in response to Issue #5475.

I can’t see how this is different than Reorder Quantity in the auto matl request table.

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@cpurbaugh reorder quantity is a supplier related term. Suppose you want to 50 Sheets of paper, Suppliers wont give you 50 Sheets. They supply in packs of 100 Sheets. So your re-order quantity will be 100.

Safety Stock defines that in case your stock level falls below that level you need to re-order. So supposes I wish that I always have 75 Sheets in my warehouse. I can set Safety Stock as 75. So whenever my stock falls below 75 I can place a reorder for 100 New sheets.

Hope the explanation is clear.


I get what you are saying, but doesn’t ‘Re-Order Level’ do the same thing as ‘Safety Stock’?

Safety stock is generally included in re-order level.The purpose of safety stock is to prevent material shortage. Purpose of safety stock is to cover for material consumption within lead time and requirements of material that may occur due to delivery delays. Generally safety stock is not used for production.

I get what safety stock is, but I’m just trying to figure out when one would be used instead of the other. Does the safety stock field actually interact with anything?

I think post release 7,safety stock is used in reorder level @nabinhait could you clarify?

“Safety Stock” is used in the report “Itemwise Recommended Reorder Level”. Based on Safety Stock, average daily consumption and the lead time, system suggests Reorder Level of an item.

Reorder Level = Safety Stock + (Average Daily Consumption * Lead Time)


does it have any other effect i:e or qty calculation for automated material request etc ?


@chetan No. not at the moment.


Thanks for the details