Salaries + bonuses based on sales

Good day ERPNext community,

Our small business is growing and we have to move into a better tool and we have been recommended to use ERPNext which I’m studying and seems to be a really complete solution.

There is one thing though that I’m not able to find within the user manual documentation and it is the possibility to set bonuses based on sales to a sales employee.

For example:

  • We have a base salary for our sales employees
  • We want to motivate them by earning bonuses which would be 10% from the sale of our products.
  • On top of this, bonuses should be paid when a minimum amount of sales is reached.
  • Bonuses are also taxable in the same way the base salary is taxed.

Is it possible to do this with ERPNext?

Can sales of products be linked to an employee for making such bonuses calculations automatically?

Does anyone have experience on this?

Thank you very much,

Carlos B.

Hi @cboteros, Have you checked? >

Thank you Yashodhan!

In my home country we would say “if it was a snake, I’ll be dead by now!”

I was looking into “Payroll” and I didn’t consider to check on the Sales section.

Thank you for your kind help!

Carlos B.

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